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February 2017: A Black History Win

Who could forget the babies-on-the-bake announcement that broke the interwebs and Instagram’s record for most likes (10 million+)? The BeyHive  was expecting twins!! 🤰🏽🐝

Beyoncé is notorious for keeping secrets and dropping surprises (albums, movies and the occasional mic), so when she decided to tell us she was having twins we should have known at this point that 2017’s Black History Month was about to be LIT!

Now I know you lot are probably rolling eyes so I won’t be an annoying Bey Stan (for right now 👀).

 Let’s talk Black History in Zambia, do we have a  Black History Month here? Black History Month in the US is designed to recognise history, experiences and accomplishments of black people. We may not have a Black History Month here in Zambia but we had quite a few celebratory moments that will probably go down in history even if it’s just for the (pop) culture.

To kick off February, we saw Lulu Haangala Wood celebrate a diverse group of inspirational Zambian men with Vodafone Jump’s #MANth (Month of the man). The idea was to showcase Zambian men that were doing right and doing it well, so for every other day during the month of February we were given insight into the lives of these men and their stories.

Some of these men I have met and some I have not, but they are doing amazing things and it was a positive challenge for me and hopefully other young black men to kick butt and flourish. These black men are making Zambian HIStory and that by itself is a win!

For me Chinyonta Msimuko (aka Chi) was the most inspirational thus far, simply because he dropped a banking sector job and chased his dream. He is thriving in the media industry and is testament to how far pursuing your passion can take you. I mean, who doesn’t know that voice?

Ladies? We saw them celebrated in their own ways.

The nominees for the Zambian Woman of The Year Awards were announced. This list unveiled a manifold of Zambian queens doing it for themselves, giving the gents a good run for their money. From health care to entrepreneurship, sports and other creative spaces, The ZWYA’s highlight black girl magic and to be nominated should be a win all by itself. I can’t wait to watch the awards and see these queens shine, nothing makes me happier than seeing black women conquer! Run the world, girls ✊🏽

Check out the nominees and how you can get your favorite to win, voting is open until the end of the month (coinkidink? I think not 😁)
A Zambian queen that flipped it on the boys and turned History into HERstory is Thokozile Mawumba (24) who became Zambia’s first female fighter pilot. How dope is that? I was going to make a bad joke about how FLY she is, but I won’t 😁 can you say WOMAN CRUSH? 😍

Girls are doing it for themselves!
To wrap this up, here’s a few international 2017 Black History Month moments (besides the baking twins) that made MY heart smile:


Oh wait, the twins are back. But this time they went to The Grammys, yes before you and I. They were gonna be on the Coachella stage before you and me also, but their doctor said NAH.

Anyway, we all witnessed the outcry when Adele’s 25 won Album of The Year over Beyoncé’s Lemonade, Justin’s Purpose and those two other guys 😅

Black people everywhere cried ‘is it because she’s black?’ and were salty about it for a couple of weeks. What made my heart smile though, was Adele speaking our hearts and talking about how Beyoncé and Lemonade inspired her and her friends, her black friends. Beyoncé’s speech when she scored Best Urban Contemporary Album about what Lemonade was for her and black women everywhere should have shown us she knew she wasn’t getting Album of The Year, because if she did get it what was THAT speech going to be like? We’ll never know. Adele gave that speech for her 😁 A WIN!

Viola Davis:

That is all, to be honest. She finally won her Oscar, for her riveting performance as Rose in the screen adaption of Fences. This made her the first black actress to score a Tony, an Emmy and an Oscar. Whoopi Goldberg’s Tony was for producing, to the smarty pants in the back 😝

And even though Denzel Washington did not win for Best Actor, he is a winner in my heart for Directing AND STILL delivering such a stellar performance in aforementioned Fences.

Mahershala Ali:


His Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in Moonlight made him the first Muslim to win an Oscar. A black man won, for his portrayal of positive father figure! Need I say more?


Moonlight’s Win for Best Picture

An all black cast movie won? An all black cast movie that’s not about slavery won? An all black cast movie that’s not about slavery won The Oscar for Best Motion Picture? WHAT?

When La La Land was announced Best Picture, I turned off my TV and walked away. I scrolled down my Twitter feed and saw that there was a Steve Harvey flub and I was almost leaping for joy (at 6 in the morning, I am not a morning person!). This is the first time an all black cast movie has won this award and for this to be right at the end of Black History Month. A cherry on the chocolate cake. A WIN! ✊🏽

Just as a bonus here’s a picture of three more gorgeous black women whose movie (Hidden Figures) was nominated for Best Picture also 😍

Photo cred: The interwebs (sue me 💁🏽‍♂️)

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